Chemical products

We know how to deliver the materials you need under appropriate and competitive conditions. Our experience with the products allows us to reduce delivery times, and, in addition, we are able to provide added value thanks to adequate financing and process administration.

Soda ash & Sodium sulfate

Manuchar N.V. – our mother company – is a worldwide leader for soda ash and sodium sulfate supplies with sales volume above 2 Mio t/y. These chemical products are the basis for products assortment offered by RBM Chemicals Co. to its customers



Manuchar N.V. is providing supplies of base polymers on FCA and CIF terms


Raw materials for paints and coatings

Used while manufacturing of decorative, industrial , powder, coil coatings and printing paints and epoxy flooring as well as while shipboards finishing


Animal feed additives

Sodium bicarbonate, amino acids and vitamins


Composite materials

UP resins, gelcoats, reaction catalysts and glass-fiber mats.